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Counselor in Dallas, Texas

Edward Richards, MA, L.P.C provides clients with exceptional service, including but not limited to counseling, therapy, couples counseling. These services prove beneficial to those who are in need of any type of counseling regardless of the situation. Our counselor will allow clients to develop a better sense of communication and understanding of their emotions. We provide a safe and comfortable environment for those who are in need of our services. Our therapy also benefits many clients that require such assistance. Whether you are in need of group sessions or one on one discussions, there is bound to be a service that will greatly benefit you here at Edward Richards, MA, L.PC. Finding the right place that fits your needs can often times be very difficult. That being said, if you are aware of what you are looking for, you will not be disappointed. Many individuals that are in need of counseling services may find themselves removing the idea completely from their list of considerations. This may because of the fear in not knowing you will be speaking to and if that person will judge you or not. This also could be a result of having a preexisting struggle with speaking to others about what they feel.

Edward Richards, MA, L.P.C has had a great reputation of providing clients with a safe, secure, and comfortable environment. Whenever a client walks into the building, they are immediately feeling a sense of confidence in what their meeting will consist of. Not only does our various services provide clients with a sense of confidence, it also provides them with an overall feeling of happiness. The power of talk and helping those in need relieves a lot of anger and inner struggles from individuals and couples.

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