Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling in Dallas, Texas

Relationships regardless of who they are with can often times be difficult. It is inevitable that a relationship regardless if it’s marriage or just dating, will go through ups and downs. There are ways to prevent this and there are also ways to manage this. Many couples need counseling; it is not an uncommon occurrence. Often times, those who are in need of couples counseling will simply deny the fact and reject help. This could be because they may not think they need it anymore or because they are too embarrassed to go through this help. In order to maintain a positive and healthy relationship, it is often necessary to go through couples counseling at least once. 

Too many good relationships go untreated so to speak or broken off because both parties or may just one individual of a party refuses and lacks a sense of effort to try and fix the relationship. While counseling may not help every relationship, there are some that have proven successful due to counseling. Couples counseling can help provide assistance with learning how to effectively communicate with one another, along with the ability to forgive and understand. Each and every one of these aspects are very important skills that you will learn and practice.

At Edward Richards, MA, L.P.C we obtain highly qualified counselors capable of handling any situation that may evolve between a couple. If you and your significant other feel the need to receive couples counseling, you need to both be willing to participate and be involved throughout the entire process. We strive to give previously healthy relationships the ability to regain and maintain a strong, stable relationship for the future.

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