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Many people represent fear when it comes to receiving counseling. There is a natural and common fear of judgment that comes along with speaking to others about personal issues. Far too many individuals go without the necessary counseling that they need because of common fear like this one. Some people may have gone most of their life, refusing or simply not having anyone to speak about certain issues. Keeping these issues inside could cause further damage that may lead to individuals expressing their emotions in negative ways. Many people do not realize the benefits that counseling provides. 

We do understand that you may fear of speaking to a counselor. That being said, our company strives to assist clients with our great atmosphere that will leave you feeling confident and comfortable about the services you will receive. If you are in need of counseling services, then it is important that you proceed with the idea of receiving counseling. The only result that can come out of counseling is a sense of feeling a little bit better. Chances are you will not be immediately healed mentally and emotionally after one session, but after you continue to progress you will likely see results that will greatly satisfy you in the end.
Our counselors are extremely educated, well trained, and very experienced so that they are capable of handling any situation that may arise. Here at Edward Richards, MA, L.P.C, we only hire the most qualified professionals for the job. We understand how important this service is to our clients and we do not fail to provide a beyond satisfactory experience. Our services are some of the best you will find in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. We encourage each and every individual that may be interested in seeking counseling to sign up for counseling sessions with confidence in what we can provide for you.

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